Summers at Palapas Restaurant, with tourists filling up nearby Seascape Beach Resort, were very profitable but the slow winter season meant months of losses.

The novel approach developed and implemented by Stagnaro was to focus the marketing energy primarily on the slow winter months and work to attract locals to fill empty tables. The approach worked so well that Palapas turned off-season losses into break even or slightly profitable starts on each successive and highly profitable summer season.

Palapas continues to grow and set revenue records year over year.

Santa Clara County Fair

The Santa Clara County Fair, which at one point was the third largest fair in California spanning 21 days, had dwindled to three days as a free fair attracting just a few thousand visitors. The Fair was facing extinction but an optimistic and reenergized management team believed that with the right marketing it could reverse the slide and once again prosper.

The right marketing was conceived, crafted and delivered by the Stagnaro Team. The brand was cleaned up, modernized, and matched with clear key messaging. Modern marketing channels were engaged to spread the word about the reborn Fair and the combination was an exciting success.

Families rediscovered the joy of a day at the fair and attendance which was about 5,000 free visitors the year prior to hiring Stagnaro grew to over 32,000 paid visitors that first year. Successive years have built upon the first with continued increases in attendance and revenue. The Santa Clara County Fair is on its way to regaining the success it once knew and doing so during a time when more than a few well established fairs are struggling just to survive.


A strong tie to the community and the desire to be a great neighbor motivates The Holcomb Corporation and their family of companies to support a wide variety of causes in the Monterey Bay Area. Spreading the word of these good deeds is the responsibility of the Stagnaro team. One release on the economic benefit of small companies like Holcomb was picked up statewide, nationally and even on news sites in Europe.

The agency also lends expertise to the Holcomb Real Estate division. From collateral to advertising to web and digital, Silver Oaks is the latest in a long line of high value neighborhoods built by Holcomb and marketed by Stagnaro.

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Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

With the success of the marketing efforts on behalf of the County Fair, the Santa Clara Fairgrounds Management Corporation retained Stagnaro to do their magic for the Fairgrounds. Again the brand was spruced up, the venue’s value proposition researched and articulated, a new focused website conceived and launched, and materials created to assist the sales team as they successfully attract new business.


Since 1994, this quintessential County Fair has benefitted from the Stagnaro touch. Enviable attendance and revenue figures for the past two plus decades are a credit to a community who loves their Fair. Friendly compelling messaging, efficiently delivered, nurtures that love and encourages continued engagement.

Each year the Stagnaro team wins industry awards for their work with the Santa Cruz County Fair and is often asked to share their marketing approach with other professionals.


Seascape Beach Resort needed to properly respond to a wave of negative publicity surrounding an outbreak of stomach flu among guests attending a conference at the resort. A measured response used facts to chase rumors and limit damage. Stagnaro’s excellent relations with area media added to the effectiveness of the effort and Seascape’s good name was protected.

It was more than a quick measured factual response that helped the resort weather the public relations storm. Seascape Beach Resort benefitted from years of strong positive outreach and communication orchestrated by Stagnaro. This long running PR effort had built up a reservoir of very helpful good will in the community.

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This highly effective and efficient water agency was coming back from a series of setbacks and making a measureable impact on fighting seawater intrusion into the Pajaro Valley Groundwater Basin.

The agency deserved to have an outreach and communications effort that matched their good works. Stagnaro set about putting a bright fresh face on the agency’s image, improving communications with the greater community, and creating a large pool of goodwill and positive feelings toward the agency and their critical mission to preserve a healthy groundwater supply for agriculture and the people of the Pajaro Valley. Regular press and news releases, a redesigned website, and effective use of traditional and social media tools have greatly increased awareness of the agency.