High Tech

Stagnaro Strategic Marketing delivers strategic marketing services to high tech companies with innovative products that are endeavoring to get their unfair share of attention in a noisy marketplace.

We work with leaders of technology companies to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that is tied to their business goals, a position that is differentiated in the marketplace, impactful visuals and messages that connect with the target audience, and attention-grabbing launches that put them on the map.

Whether you have a product release, or a company launch, you can augment your marketing muscle with expertise from the outside to give you a fresh perspective, ask the tough questions, rally a team, and inject some new creativity into the process.

Market Strategy and Planning

All successful marketing starts with sound business strategy.  Utilizing the a proven methodology, we work with the internal team to sketch out the key elements of the product or corporate business plan on one sheet of paper and identify any gaps in our knowledge.   If needed, we fill the knowledge gaps by conducting primary or secondary research.  We evaluate the competitive market landscape, identifying a position in the market that we want to occupy.  From there, we develop key messages to support that position, and conduct external market research to test the messages.

Internal Business Overview

To ensure the internal stakeholders are aligned, we often conduct a workshop using a proven methodology to succinctly document answers to the core business questions, and identify any gaps in our knowledge. We augment the exercise with internal KPI reports that demonstrate the current state of the business – including metrics such as revenue by customer segment, trial conversion rates, lead flow and conversion rates, customer retention rates, and churn.

Filling the Gaps

If gaps were identified in the workshop, we will create appropriate market research mechanisms to fill the gaps with industry reports or primary research with external sources – industry analysts, customers and prospects.  Often, market segmentation strategies are required at this stage to fully identify the customer target.

Market Landscape

Once we have our unique value proposition understood and validated, we develop a map of the marketing competitive landscape, looking at competitive messaging and positioning from the competitor’s perspective, and the market’s perspective.  We will utilize internal competitive product analysis if available, and recommend more product level research if necessary.

Positioning, Messaging Development and Naming

Within the context of the competitive landscape, we identify a position that we want to occupy, and develop key messages to answer the core customer questions:

  • What will it do for me that others will not?
  • Why should I believe you?

Often, new technologies require a new vocabulary to make them standout in the market, and to explain them to the customer.  If no one has ever created one before, how do you describe it?  We work closely with your product marketing and engineering leads to understand the unique differences between your solution and alternative technologies.  From that understanding, we create names for critical elements of the solution: product names, category names, technology names.

External Market Testing

We then do qualitative and quantitative market research to test the messages and names with key audiences including: analyst, channel partners, customers, and prospective customers.
Launch Planning and Execution

Designed around the strategic messaging, Stagnaro creates integrated marketing campaigns to drive attention across your key audiences.  Typical campaigns involve a well-orchestrated series of tactics involving industry events and trade shows, market analyst and key influencer program, media plans for trade and business press, advertising, digital marketing, customer testimonials, compelling demo creation, and quantifiable proof points.

Stagnaro then teams up with internal company resources and augments the team where necessary with a network of cost-effective marketing professionals to execute the marketing plan.

Marketing Measurement

Stagnaro works with the team to put key performance indicators in place to assess marketing results including qualified lead flow and conversion, website traffic, cost per click, search term placement, media impressions, and sales cycle velocity.  Stagnaro works with the team to identify obstacles in the sales cycle and helps create tools and programs to minimize those challenges, such as freemium or trial pricing models, ROI and TCO tools.