Inc just published an interesting article about the myths surrounding influencer marketing. Here are just a few of these misconceptions debunked. 

Myth #1: An Effective Influencer Campaign Requires Celebrities. In fact, in the past 10 years, the number of celebrity endorsements has actually declined. In actuality the most credible form of advertising comes straight from people we know and trust. Twitter recently reported that 47% of people have bought an item based on an influencer’s recommendation – ie someone they trust such as a mommy blogger, YouTube subject matter expert, or those with large followings on social media. It’s these social media stars that are the new influencers in marketing.

Myth #2: Influencer Marketing Doesn’t Scale. This might be true if you are trying to work directly one on one with each influencer. However, there are now agencies that have networks of pre-vetted influencers and standardized agreements to make it easy to scale to a larger base.

Myth #3: You Can’t Prove the ROI of Influencer Marketing … Especially for Physical Retail Purchases. It may be hard to monetize but research companies can help. Recent studies have shown that influencer marketing can drive incremental sales at a rate of 16x that of traditional online advertising.

You can read more, as well as see links out to all of these additional studies here.