Facebook Live has only been around for a short time, but more and more businesses are capitalizing on it in order to save time and extend the reach of their posts. If you aren’t sure where to start, review these six ways below, originally published by Social Media Examiner.

  1. Address Blog comments – it’s quicker to schedule a Live session to answer lots of questions than to reply back to each one individually. This also encourages fans to tun in for the live video giving you a captive audience.
  2. Give an inside look at your business – this is a great place to gain some loyalty from your members. People love to see a unique side of the business and you can do this easily with Facebook Live. This is especially true for businesses that make something and you can walk viewers through the process.
  3. Promote and upcoming event – tell people you have a special announcement and you are sure to get viewers with a piqued interest.
  4. Tease new products – Instead of taking photos of inventory, go ahead and do a Pop the Box opening in a live video. You can demonstrate new product without having to upload tons of photos to your website. Some people even capitalize on the video with preorders or sales.
  5. Answer FAQs – If you have a common question that is asked often, use a Live video to answer it. You can then have your service team distribute the video to answer future questions. This saves time for your service department and makes sure everyone is distributing the same information.
  6. Engage with group members – this type of media deepens your Facebook relationships and lets everyone get to know each other. This builds loyalty, which is important for most small businesses.

People spend 3x longer watching live video than native video – so doing some research (and making some videos) is definitely worth your time. Read the whole article here.