With online marketing, you can reach the entire world. But when it comes to buying, almost all purchases are done locally and that is where you need to focus the majority of your online efforts. The very first place to start is with local, mobile-based marketing.

Consumers are essentially walking around with a personal computer in their pocket at all times. You can use a variety of apps in order to tap into that computer (ie – smart phone) and let people know you sell what they are looking for. Geofence technology is one option – its a type of app that sends users a text or message from the merchant’s mobile system alerting potential customers they are nearby the store. ┬áThis can also be used for re-marketing and relationship building.

Another great way to harness local customers is by using the popular social media networks in your area. Facebook is a no brainer – but some geographies and demographics are more heavily involved in Snapchat, or Instagram, or YouTube. Do some research and see what your customers are using the most.

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