In the past few years, Twitter has completely lost control over its data. It’s being used by third party providers as a form of tracking, but Twitter can’t influence how its used or gain any revenue from it. Even worse is that many third party providers have made such good dashboards that it has eliminated or reduced the need for Twitter users to actually visit These are some huge challenges that Twitter recently combat when it revealed its new tool called Twitter Dashboard.

Here are some of the things you can now do through the dashboard:

Mention Tracking: During setup you are asked to build out key terms you want to track. They don’t restrict you to your business name and handle so you can watch competitor keywords and names as well. They also suggest a range of related terms based on the regularity at which they are mentioned. This is very helpful for newcomers who are still trying to learn the monitoring process. You can also use negative qualifiers which is something that has been used in Search placements and Adwords for years and is a huge benefit.

Scheduling and Tracking: You can now finally schedule tweets in advance. You’ve been able to do this via third party apps for awhile, but this is the first time Twitter has allowed it via their own website. They also have a handy scheduling feature where you can see all yours tweets laid out on a calendar.

Simplified Analysis: This is the section where you can get the best understanding of key metrics such as number of tweets, tweet performance, and replies. There is also a very handy chart showing your daily mentions and a list of new followers, as well as profile views and total number of people who have view your tweet.

This new tool is valuable for all Twitter users, but especially businesses who are looking to take their Twitter game to the next level. You can  learn more about the dashboard on their blog.